Data Science & Analytics

What We Do

Data is at the heart of everything we do, so it’s only fitting that we have an in-house team of data scientists and analysts leading the charge. We utilize decision analytics to understand the business impact of our work across channels and media, while using the same analytical approaches to uncover innovative strategic and creative insights. This creates greater knowledge and business intelligence, leading to better decisions, improved ROI, sustainable competitive advantage and accountability for our clients.

Data That’s Impactful, Effective & Accountable.

We believe in smart data. We’ve built an entire machine focused on ROI modeling. It can tell you what you’ll get in return for each marketing dollar invested. With data modeling and visualization tools like ISSAC and Performance HQ, we use proprietary methods to help inform and optimize marketing efforts across channels. What does this mean for you? With our performance marketing approach, we’re able to get our clients to market faster and more cost effectively. Our agency analytics team is able to test, learn, refine, adjust and measure just about every element of your marketing mix and use in-market analysis to optimize results based on mass consumer behaviors.



I.S.A.C.C. stands for Intelligence System Analysis of Consumer Content. It’s our proprietary tool that uses machine learning to interpret social listening data at scale and develop insights through advanced data modeling.

Reporting & Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence data and reporting will help you gain insight and transparency into your performance.

Marketing Mix Analysis

Through data forecasting and attribution modeling, we identify and optimize the campaigns and channels that are driving sales.

Analytics Consulting

Think of our agency as an extension of your marketing and data analytics team. We’re here to help you make sense of your data and extract insights to optimize performance.

Data Management

Data science depends on the ability to manage the three V’s of big data: variety, velocity and volume, and our team does it effortlessly.

Marketing & Trade Analytics

Through audience segmentation we identify geographic and seasonal opportunities by using sales and market forecasts to achieve the greatest potential for positive business results.

Customer Analytics & Predictive Modeling

We take a deeper dive into customer databases through CRM analytics, to identify and segment your most valuable customers.

Campaign Analysis & Reporting

Gain insight into campaign performance through data visualization and reporting. We capture marketing activities through performance analytics and analyze them against key measures of success.