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Brunner Leads Thought Provoking Exchange on Influencer Marketing at 2018 Ohio Marketing Summit
Social media strategist, Lindsay Motta, participates in expert panel discussion

Pittsburgh, PA (September 25, 2018) – For professional businesses, social media serves a deeper purpose than conventional networking. It functions as a foundation for brand messaging, expressing core values, and connecting with audiences on a one-on-one level. But how can businesses optimize social media for top performance and engagement? At the 2018 Ohio Marketing Summit, Brunner social media strategist Lindsay Motta discussed the impact of influencers to elevate business and marketing strategies.

Moderated by Kevin Cesarz, Senior Director of Engagement at Thread Marketing Group, Motta joined an expert panel discussing “Snapchat and Instagram, Facebook and Twitter: Going Beyond 101 with Leading Marketers Through the Labyrinth of Social Media Strategies.” Other panelists included Kim Gaebelein, Senior Marketing Director at Bil-Jac and Brian Hipsher, Vice President, Marketing at City Barbeque.

Motta noted, “In a constantly evolving digital landscape, influencer marketing has become more and more mainstream. Today, it’s often expected for a successful social media strategy to include influencer partnerships or programs. At the Ohio Marketing Summit we felt it important to discuss different influencer strategies, successes, and challenges to help brands successfully tread these newer waters.”

As the demand for influencer programs grows, so does the need for strategic counselors that can successfully improve brand recognition while also maintaining loyalty to their mission. With clients such as The Home Depot Rental, Musselman’s Apple Sauce, Musselman’s Apple Butter, Lucky Leaf, and more, Brunner is no stranger to influencer marketing, working both strategically and creatively to ensure its clients’ influencer partnerships match their missions and values.

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