Paid Search


As veterans in the digital marketing field, we identified many years ago that the key to profitable growth in a digital performance marketing campaign—also called search engine marketing (SEM)—extends beyond “how” a customer discovered your brand. Just as important is “why” someone searched beyond the keyword and their ultimate response to the ad.

What keywords will work best for your target audience?

Could you earn better ROI by cutting your keyword list in half—or more?

What could A/B testing reveal about the buyer, their position in the customer journey, the effectiveness of paid search compared to other channels and the bottom-line value of the key word?

At Brunner, the answers are in the data. Our approach to paid search is focused on analytics driving performance and decision making for your paid search campaign.

We understand the science—and the art—of developing relevant, effective paid search campaigns. Our team has the search engine experience to research and identify the best keywords, craft those keywords into well-organized campaigns that support your overall marketing goals and build PPC landing pages that convert.

Our team also has experience in serving as a trusted extension of our clients’ marketing departments. We work to understand your goals, market position, challenges and opportunities so the success of your digital performance marketing program drives the success of your business.

The structure of our account services team—and the processes we follow, from weekly status meetings to 24/7 availability—are based on best practices we’ve developed helping national brands with thousands of campaigns.

The customer journey is measured in micro-moments. You need to catch them on the fly when they are ready to do, know, buy or go.

And when your customer is ready to watch how-to videos, read product reviews, place orders or visit the nearest store, you need to be top of mind and top of the search rankings. Brunner’s paid search campaigns puts you there.