Display advertising is one of the richest illustrations of how creativity, data science and technology combine in the online economy. From website banners to Facebook ads to videos that appear in YouTube search results, display ads allow brands to test the impact of incremental changes in message, channel and budget.

The challenge? Digital marketing is less about targeting an audience and more about anticipating when people will look for your brand—and where. The online and offline marketplace has become extremely complex. Marketers need to cover all of their bases so that customers can find them when they are ready to research, to learn how-to, to buy online or to buy nearby.

Brands need to be discovered with the right message at the right micro-moment. Timing is the difference between engaging and annoying your customer. And it’s the difference between investing and wasting your marketing dollars.

It’s a lot for brands to tackle on their own.

Brunner’s digital performance marketing experts can help. We apply best practices developed during the past 20 years while managing multi-channel programmatic display advertising campaigns for Office Depot, JPMorgan/Chase, DSW Shoes, Comcast, USAA, Mercedes Benz, Kimpton Hotels, Tiffany & Co., and many more.

Our approach blends human learning and machine learning. During our discovery process, we work to understand your overarching and specific business and marketing goals. We determine the definition of conversion—registration? Download? Purchase?

We confirm the business goal. Greater profit margin per purchase? Decreased cost per customer acquisition? Increased sales during traditionally slow seasons? Decreased spend during busy seasons?

Once we understand the challenge, we develop a solution to help you to plan and rationalize your media spend using monetized (business case) modeling.

Then we execute. Using programmatic buying—the “day trading” of advertising—we automate the media bidding and buying process. Although it is rules-based, programmatic advertising allows for real-time flexibility to change the direction of your display campaign to maximize ROI as your customers, competitors, the weather, the news headlines change direction.

Because they will.