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BRUNNER Uses Animation to Sell Home Equity Loans
Agency launches “More Than a Home” campaign for long-standing WesBanco client

Pittsburgh, PA. (April 25, 2017) – What better way to promote home equity loans than to show homeowners the buying power that exists in their own home? From vacations to college tuition, your home can be much more than just your home. More Than a Home, WesBanco’s first animated commercial that targets homeowners ages 35-64 looking to refinance, depicts customers’ evolving life stages, all told from the perspective of their home. The campaign, created by BRUNNER, is running now in the Pittsburgh, Columbus, Cincinnati, Wheeling, Indiana, Louisville and Lexington markets. Supporting media includes radio, print, outdoor and digital.

Rising home values are helping to improve the equity position of American households, but outstanding mortgage debt has declined resulting in higher home equity. The campaign promotes WesBanco’s highly competitive home equity loan product to help address this concern that many homeowners face.  

The campaign targets current homeowners looking to refinance their mortgages. The story shows that WesBanco’s home equity loans allow customers to save for the finer things in life, while still feeling secure and neighborly – two important qualities for the local branch.

“When you see commercials for financial institutions, they tend to tell the story through the eyes of the customer and are pretty straightforward in terms of the message,” said Rob Schapiro, Chief Creative Officer at BRUNNER. “For WesBanco, we wanted to flip it and allow the customer’s home to tell the story in a lighthearted manner to help make their Home Equity FlexLine more approachable.”

BRUNNER recommended a targeted media mix that will allow the brand to focus their efforts on market leaders in the largest DMAs – Pittsburgh, Columbus and Cincinnati – while also incorporating new markets in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. 

The BRUNNER team behind the new campaign includes:

  • Rob Schapiro: Chief Creative Officer
  • Kevin Corfield: Associate Creative Director
  • Derek Julin: Associate Creative Director
  • Lauren Tedesco: Account
  • Dana Lucas: Senior Account Manager
  • Stephanie Hoffman-Murphy: Media Supervisor
  • Emily Westfield: Broadcast Business Affairs Manager

The full commercial can be found here: https://app.frame.io/f/kSMrqBDk

For additional campaign details, contact Steve Radick at sradick@brunnerworks.com.

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