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BRUNNER’s Innovation Lab, BHiveLab, Launches Tech Talent Recruitment Division
Agency introduces BHiveLab Talent, a niche staffing capability focused on digital transformation

Pittsburgh, PA (December 11, 2018) – The future of technology lies within educating, empowering, and employing individuals who demonstrate a knack for innovation. And no one understands that better than Brunner’s BHiveLab. As part of its mission to advance emerging technology, the agency has expanded its capabilities to launch a new staffing augmentation service: BHiveLab Talent. Their mission? To help fast-moving organizations identify top technology talent rooted in innovative, agile, and entrepreneurial skillsets critical to today's business and IT climate.

As the region’s leading technology innovation group BHiveLab has extensive experience in building emerging technology solutions including cutting edge mobile apps, custom web and cloud-based software, mixed reality, as well as connected hardware solutions. And in order to maintain this level of advanced tech, BHiveLab recognized the need to source the right talent that consistently questions, provokes, and inspires the next big technology development.

“Most staffing firms start out as just that: a staffing firm. They’ve never actually built technology solutions themselves. With BHiveLab talent, we’ll be able to combine our hands-on experience and institutional knowledge to source top candidates” said Rick Gardinier, Chief Digital Officer. “Our goal is to apply our core principles of creativity, data science and technology against our deep industry knowledge to source and place top technical talent for clients.”

BHiveLab Talent will help companies find digital talent that delivers on both the technical and the soft skills imperative to digital transformation. With solutions ranging from talent identification to placement, the organization can scale its capabilities based upon organizational needs.

About BRUNNER and BHiveLab

BRUNNER operates at the confluence of Creativity, Data Science, and Technology. BRUNNER’s innovation lab, BHiveLab is an experienced team of consultants and creative technologists that solve business problems with next-generation technology.  For more information, visit