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Meredith Klein

Brunner’s Director of Data Science, Eric Perz, Digs in at 2018 HIRI Insights Conference
Leading social listening experience, Brunner presents for second year in a row

Pittsburgh, PA. (October 2, 2018) – Behind the likes, retweets, and comments that permeate social networking newsfeeds lies a world of informative data that, once honed in upon, informs brand strategy. And this week, Brunner’s Director of Data Science, Eric Perz, headlined an interactive discussion on uncovering useful consumer conversations that lead to valuable insights at the 2018 HIRI Insights Conference.

Machine learning has transformed text analytics, allowing businesses to glean insights with social media at scale. Instead of reviewing sentiment, user profiles, or word counts, data analysts look at the relationships of words in the context of other words to see how they collectively define very specific topics and sub-topics of conversation. Perz’s presentation, “Take the Next Step in Your Social Listening: Use Machine Learning to Reveal Hidden Conversations,” demonstrated these new, advanced social listening techniques for brands within the home enrichment category.

“When people communicate on social media about something that matters to them, they’re going to use their own style of speaking and it may not be consistent with how others speak,” Perz explained. “Brands that upgrade their social listening from keyword tracking to topic and sub-topic tracking will create a new resource for product innovation, business intelligence, and market research ultimately creating a new competitive advantage.”

Perz was part of a dozen experts discussing trends, research and forecasting at HIRI’s annual Insights Conference. This is Brunner’s second year in attendance, and second year speaking, at the HIRI Conference.

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