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BRUNNER’s Chief Financial Officer Selected as Pittsburgh Business Times’ 2018 CFO of the Year
Erin Stoner recognized for her financial accomplishments within the agency and community

Pittsburgh, PA (November 12, 2018) – Erin Stoner, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at BRUNNER, was recently named a recipient of the Pittsburgh Business Times’ 2018 CFO of the Year award, honoring executive leaders in western Pennsylvania for outstanding performance as corporate financial stewards.

“Every day, my goal is to add value,” said Stoner. “It was true on my first day over 13 years ago, and it’s true today. As a member of one of Pittsburgh’s largest advertising agencies, it’s extremely meaningful to me that Michael Brunner, my team and co-workers have taken the time to go above and beyond to notice and recognize my value.”

Stoner’s tenure at BRUNNER began in 2005 when she joined the agency as director of client finance. Quickly ascending through the ranks before ultimately accepting the role of CFO in 2017, Stoner made a huge impact at the agency and in the community. Throughout her career, she has achieved multiple milestones including:

- Being part of the only “…12.6% of CFO positions...” held by females according to Financial Management Magazine
- Named a CFO for the first time at 32, 10 years below “…the average age of new…CFOs…” as defined by Crist Kolder
- Served as CFO for two privately-held organizations
- Optimized agency pricing structures and strategies resulting in 15% business growth
- Increased client profitability by 11%
- Serving as a member of BRUNNER’s diversity and inclusion committee and leadership representative within the National 4As Finance Committee

And that’s just a small portion of her professional achievements. In addition to her tremendous work and her ability to continue driving BRUNNER’s overall success, Stoner is also an exemplary leader with an infectious positive attitude that has been instrumental in defining BRUNNER’s culture.

“The CFO position is much more than crunching numbers,” said Michael Brunner, CEO at BRUNNER. “It requires an understanding and innate ability to interpret corporate strategy, people and talent assessment, knowledge of the business drivers, risk management, technology, and data management. Erin has the extraordinary ability to move seamlessly across these areas and delivers on a daily basis.”

Stoner was acknowledged by the Pittsburgh Business Times at a recent dinner ceremony Nov. 7, at the Omni William Penn Hotel. A special supplement profiling Stoner and the other honorees will appear in an upcoming issue of the Pittsburgh Business Times.

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