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Brunner Partners with Urban League of Greater Atlanta to Empower and Inspire
Partnership designed to promote the African American communities within the larger metro area

Atlanta (December 9, 2019) – When Brunner expanded into Atlanta more than a decade ago, the premise was to double down on local communities and serve as a great neighbor. With emphasis on supporting those doing great work throughout the metro area, Brunner forged a rewarding partnership with Urban League of Greater Atlanta this year to further the founding principles of economic empowerment and life changing initiatives.

During the Urban League’s 99th year of operating in Atlanta, Brunner embraced the opportunity to help elevate the brand’s identity and highlight its hands-on, personalized approach to transforming a community by recognizing people’s potential. These efforts culminated in the official new brand launch earlier this month.

“Brunner has a passion for the Atlanta community and we are confident our collaboration will uphold our legacy as we move into the next century,” said Nancy Flake, Urban League of Greater Atlanta president and CEO. “We’ve seen the good Brunner has done, and we are fortunate to have such a forward-thinking partner to accompany us on this journey.”

The partnership enhances what the Urban League can accomplish with African American families by raising more awareness of the League’s services. Those include career preparation, empowerment through home ownership, entrepreneurship support and small business growth. Brunner also hopes to promote the Urban League of Greater Atlanta’s goal of inspiring youth by raising the graduation rate among metro students and providing mentorship for college and career-bound young adults. Helping to lead this charge is Brunner copywriter and content creator, Jonathan Banks.

“Great intentions often lead us right back to where we started. Change is hard, but not impossible,” Banks said. “Change is necessary. Bold, undaunted, pivotal effort is the only way we will create change. Working on this campaign is part of Brunner’s contribution and commitment to changing the narrative in Atlanta and elsewhere.”

Brunner and Urban League of Greater Atlanta will continue to work together on future initiatives as the organization enters its 100th year in 2020.

“Brunner has invested in Atlanta’s communities and making a difference for those around us,” said Jeff Maggs, Brunner Managing Director and Urban League of Greater Atlanta board member. “As an organization we jump at the chance to help companies make an impact and that’s why this relationship means so much to Brunner.”

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Founded in 1920, the Urban League of Greater Atlanta is a civil rights organization dedicated to empowering and uplifting African American communities. Invested in equity, justice and the economic success of African Americans, the League engages in three E’s with each client: Evaluate, Equip and Elevate. Success is achieved through public and private partnerships and the support of individuals and families who believe that our communities are stronger when everyone thrives.