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BRUNNER Partners with Pediatric Cancer Library to Make Diagnosis and Clinical Trial Education More Readily Accessible
Building upon the organization’s mission, agency creates dynamic online resource for families

Pittsburgh, PA (November 2, 2018) – Pediatric cancer. It’s a harrowing diagnosis all too real for millions of children and families across the globe. And while the diagnosis itself is life changing, unfortunately it’s only the beginning of a long process littered with stress, confusion and complicated medical jargon. To make matters more challenging, clinical trials, which are often a source of hope for families, are often difficult to find and seemingly out of reach. That’s where the Pediatric Cancer Library comes in.

The second model of its kind, created by founder Michael Maxin, the Pediatric Cancer Library launched in September and is currently serving patients across the country. Designed and developed by Brunner, the website features a series of videos focused on supporting families affected by pediatric cancer while also building bridges between patients and clinical trials.

“While many are familiar with clinical trials, often parents are unsure if there is a clinical trial available and appropriate for their child,” Maxin said. “While they’re intimately involved with the child’s treatment plan, have strong relationships with the medical staff and a fundamental understanding of their child’s cancer, they’re often less adept at researching and securing a clinical trial that could save their child’s life. With the Pediatric Cancer Library we provide clear information while also creating connections between families and clinical trials.”

With the goal of creating a safe, easily accessible and highly knowledgeable online experience, the Pediatric Cancer Library is a trusted partner for both families and medical professionals. Through partnerships with leading doctors from across the country, the Pediatric Cancer Library provides a full video archive designed to translate critical medical material into digestible information. With an average duration of two to three minutes per video, and covering a broad range of topics including what is cancer, what to expect during treatment, and how to continue maintaining relationships with friends and siblings, the Pediatric Cancer Library is revolutionizing the treatment and clinical trial processes.

With Brunner as its lead agency partner, the two organizations concepted, designed, developed and launched the Pediatric Cancer Library, building upon the success of Maxin’s first online library focused on heart health.

“Together with Mike, we felt strongly about the opportunity to create a meaningful resource for families and children,” said George Kalantzis, VP, digital experience, BRUNNER. “The Pediatric Cancer Library’s mission is one we believe in and hope to make accessible to as many families as possible.”

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Learn more about the Pediatric Cancer Library here.

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