CARE Case Study

Changing Perceptions of a Global Brand and Driving Awareness

New strategy for an iconic American nonprofit doubles donations


After World War II, CARE Packages filled with food and supplies provided immediate relief to survivors.  Today that mission for good has expanded. Our objective was to drive awareness of who CARE is and what they are today – a driving force for sustainable change around the world. 


CARE has one iconic thing other charitable organizations don’t: The CARE Package®.  A Google search of the term 'care package' delivers 156 million results, showing it still has tremendous brand equity. A new creative campaign illustrating sustainable solutions that will help people find their way out of poverty demonstrates the meaning of today’s CARE Package.


BRUNNER created an updated version of the iconic CARE Package with overall messaging designed to galvanize others to help CARE® "deliver lasting change." People would know that when they donate to CARE, it has no expiration date.


Donors understand that charitable giving to the CARE Package can enable women to help their families and help entire villages escape poverty and lead better lives. The campaign’s ambient component combines a disruptive visual with a powerful message in the streets of major cities like Atlanta.


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