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Social Media provides a Wealth of Insight on Consumers’ Home Improvement Activity

Dave Sladack | Mar. 6, 2018

People actually do talk about more than politics on social media, believe it or not. In fact, conversations about home improvement are one of the most...

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Social Listening: An Ear in the Conversation

George Potts | Jan. 30, 2018

For our home enrichment practice, we track monthly social media listening data on 10 home improvement categories. Figures include the volume, net sent...

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Data Science and the Customer Experience Revolution Hits Home

Shaun Quigley | Jan. 30, 2018

Widespread digital disruption has compelled companies in the home improvement category to think critically about their future and the competitive adva...

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Thinking inside the (subscription) box

Jennifer Rignani | Jan. 12, 2018

Home brands fit nicely inside the subscription box concept. So what's the hold up?


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Companies Can’t Innovate on Their Own: Open Innovation is the Answer

Rick Gardinier | Dec. 11, 2017

Many industries are starting to see benefits to building materials and technologies produced in sometimes completely unrelated industries. Smart and i...

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Buying a Smart Home vs. Being Smart When Buying a Home

Steve Radick | Nov. 28, 2017

Millennials represent a demographic that has become synonymous with technology. They are said to have a dependence on social media, and a “when we wan...

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Is Your Home Improvement Brand Ready for the Online Sales Experience?

Dave Sladack | Nov. 14, 2017

According to The NPD Group, the volume of home improvement products sold online is swiftly approaching $11 billion, a growth of 41% over last year. Bo...

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To Leverage Benefits of Big Data, Close the Collaboration Gap

Steve Radick & Shaun Quigley | Oct. 18, 2017

One of the revelations I had when writing this article was that the hardest part of innovation is often the first step. It’s calling that meeting. It’...

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BRUNNER Partners with HIRI for Second Year and Shares Social Media Listening & Intelligence

George Potts | Sep. 27, 2017

We were delighted to showcase BRUNNER’s home category expertise and share our research-based insights about consumer behavior at the HIRI (Home Improv...

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Importance of Being There: Micro Moments for the Home Brand

Jennifer Rignani | Oct. 2, 2017

As published in Atlanta Business Chronicle. Like the process of remodeling a home, it starts with emotion and never ends. Maybe it’s the tired, swe...

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The Garage: A Top Five Home Investment

Jennifer Rignani | Sep. 26, 2017

Happy Birthday, Garage! In celebration of the 105th anniversary of the invention of the garage, we’re thinking about the only place in the ...

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The Danger in Relying Too Much on Algorithms

Steve Radick | Sep. 22, 2017

As published in HIVE and Builder.   Brunner experts discuss the power of data and its impact on the home building industry Go to any marketing conf...

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The Top Attribute a Leader Needs in a Future of Artificial Intelligence: People Skills

Dave Sladack | Sep. 11, 2017

As published in HBSDealer.   In a not so futuristic world where robots and algorithms take over many tasks and jobs that were once accomplished by h...

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Are You Poised to Take Advantage of Industry Change?

Steve Radick & Rick Gardinier | Aug. 23, 2017

The chief digital officer at Brunner, an independent marketing agency, shares his expertise and experience in building an innovation lab. As I disc...

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For Builders, Technology Is the New Table Stake

Steve Radick & Shaun Quigley | Aug. 10, 2017

Outlining the risks and rewards to investing in technology. Want to get smart about the future of home tech? Walk into any Best Buy. It's all right t...

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Companies Can Find Success by Solving Problems

Steve Radick | Aug. 2, 2017

The home building industry is poised to benefit from more innovation, big and small. Brands spend millions of dollars on innovation—establishing in...

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The B2B Millennial Buyer: The New Decision-Makers in the Workplace…on Their Terms

Dave Sladack | Jun. 27, 2017

Earlier this year, I asked a national sales manager from a leading consumer brand to share his biggest challenge in 2017.  His response - The buyers a...

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Is “Made in America” Made for Millennials?

Dave Sladack | Jun. 21, 2017

For Millennials, “Made in America” remains a key product attribute, but only if it conveys a sense of quality. Millennials aren’t necessarily buying A...

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There’s More Than One Way to Measure the ROI of a Remodel

Dave Sladack | Apr. 26, 2017

Want the best financial return on your next big ticket project to improve your home? Add insulation to your attic. For an investment of $1,343 you'll ...

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Lawn Heads- What's Your Cut?

Dave Sladack | Mar. 15, 2017

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The Smartest Home in America

Dave Sladack | Mar. 2, 2017

The Brunner Home Enrichment practice recently shared perspectives on “Smart Tech for the Home” with HBSDealer in their article here: The Smartest Home...

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Smart Home-Tech Adoption: A Look at Who is Driving the Buying

Dave Sladack | Feb. 24, 2017

Would you pay $229 to replace your front door deadbolt lock with Smart Lock? How about $200 to trade out your garage door opener for one that you can ...

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Influencing the Millennial B2B Buyer

Dave Sladack | Jan. 30, 2017

  More and more, we see both brand and sales people try to find ways to relate to this emerging Millennial B2B buyer who is increasingly resp...

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Brunner Creating 84 Lumber Super Bowl Ad

Dave Sladack | Jan. 10, 2017

Brunner is very proud to announce our upcoming creative work (also including PR, social media, and digital media) on behalf of 84 Lumber which w...

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The Bonding Moment: How Home Improvement Brands Create a True Connection from the Start

Dave Sladack | Dec. 20, 2016

How Home Improvement Brands Create a True Connection from the Start   Developing a bond.  It’s crucial in so many areas of life.  Whe...

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The Evolving Behaviors of Homeowners: Millennials versus Gen Xers

Dave Sladack | Nov. 29, 2016

 A version of this article originally appeared on Modern Builder & Design.  Building or designing a new home?  Here’s the playbook – open concept...

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DIY vs. DIFM - Millennials

Dave Sladack | Nov. 9, 2016

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An Overall Profile of the DIYer vs. DIFMer

Dave Sladack | Oct. 24, 2016

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Gen Xers Are Homeowners Who Matter

Dave Sladack | Aug. 17, 2016

This post originally appeared in MediaPost’s MarketingDaily. My fellow Gen Xers, it’s our turn to be the hero consumer every home improvement brand w...

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How do you “Do It?" Pt.3

Dave Sladack | Aug. 23, 2016

 DIY vs. DIFM – 3rd in a series of how consumers approach home improvement projects        

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How do you “Do It?" Pt.2

Dave Sladack | Jul. 18, 2016

DIY vs. DIFM – 2nd in a series of how consumers approach home improvement projects Painting an interior room is a fairly “doable” first DI...

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How do you "Do It?"

Dave Sladack | Jun. 30, 2016

DIY vs. DIFM - 1st in a series of how consumers approach home improvement projects Nike tells us to “Just Do It;” The Home Depot advocates “more doin...

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Emerging Millennial Home Owner Panel

Dave Sladack | Jun. 8, 2016

BRUNNER is excited to announce the launch of our Emerging Millennial Home Owner Panel! Why? Have you ever seen something a brand did and wondered, “W...

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Finding the Gold Right under Your Nose: Ignite your Warranty Database from its Idle Position

Dave Sladack | Mar. 18, 2016

Maybe your brand is in a 2-step distribution channel and you lack a clear view of your end user.  Or your dealer/contractor controls the relationship ...

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Use of Social Media For Homeowners Planning To Build a Home

Dave Sladack | Feb. 26, 2016

Brunner takes a look at how Social Media behavior of current homeowners changes as they plan to build a home. Below is our full video serious of...

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From Selfies to Electrician Recommendations: Buying a Home Changes How You Use Social Media

Dave Sladack | Feb. 12, 2016

Anyone know a good electrician? What’s the best way to fix a leaky faucet? I’m retiling my foyer – do I really need to rent a tile saw? Anecdotally, w...

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DIY Videos – The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Dave Sladack | Feb. 2, 2016

The weekend is rapidly approaching. You decide you’re finally going to tackle those pesky home improvement projects that have been on your list for mo...

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Home Enrichment is Alive and Well with Homeowners

Dave Sladack | Dec. 3, 2015

Earlier this year, the Brunner Home Enrichment team developed and distributed this infographic via social media. It provides stats and facts around th...

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Millennials – Redefining the "Starter Home"

Louis Sawyer | Nov. 11, 2015

Brunner examines the home-buying behavior of the emerging millennials, many of whom are buying their first homes and are redefining what the “starter ...

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Millennials – the New DIYers

Louis Sawyer | Nov. 10, 2015

Confident in their home improvement learning and decision-making, Brunner explores the impact and behavior of the home-owning millennial generation as...

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The Millennial Home Buyer has Arrived

Louis Sawyer | Nov. 9, 2015

The first segment of the millennial generation has arrived as home owners, and Brunner analyzes the emergence of this new consumer group as they reach...

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A User's Guide to Cross-Channel Concepting

Shaun Quigley | Oct. 5, 2015

Our industry trades on ideas. Oftentimes, we compete to win or lose based on the quality of those ideas. Creative ideas. Media ideas. Social ideas. Bu...

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Brunner Named as Agency of Record for Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating

Steve Radick | Sep. 22, 2015

Agency strengthens home and building products portfolio ATLANTA (September 22, 2015) – Home energy giant Mitsubishi Electric announced today that the...

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Sharing Our Way to Disruption: Who Will Become the Tesla or AirBnB of the Home Category

Steve Radick | Aug. 25, 2015

This post originally appeared in the August 2015 issue of Hardware + Building Supply Dealer. As much as I hate shoveling snow, I can’t possibly justi...

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