We Were a
Pittsburgh Startup
Before Pittsburgh Became Known for Startups.

We have always focused on "what's next." In 1991, we acquired a database marketing firm. In 1997 a digital "interactive" company. Then we opened an office in Atlanta. Next, we launched our emerging technology innovation lab. In 2015, we upped our digital performance marketing capabilities. And in 2017, we created what Adweek hailed as The Best Ad in the Super Bowl and the #1 Most Popular Brand Marketing Story of the Year.

Our aim? Be the best in the country. Our work and our client partners might tell you we're there. And yet, we remain that nimble, curious, fiercely independent startup who wanted to be the best in the building.


Know Your Customers. Really get to know them.

It’s all about results, and understanding what it takes to achieve them. Getting to the core of customer composition, behavior, and intent is paramount. Our proven, data-first approach provides strategic customer insights and recommendations to produce marketing and business results.

Build Meaningful Experiences That Stick.

In a world filled with noise and clutter, being relevant has never been more important. It’s all about building experiences that nurture relationships and cut through the static. We combine deep technical expertise, experiential development, and marketing savvy to reach your customer. Get them to interact. And stay engaged.

Pivot When Their Demands Change.

Change is inevitable. It moves faster than ever before. It’s our ability to understand the "next best action" that creates value for your customer, finds more like them and achieves high performance for your business. It matters a lot. Right next to our ability to deliver it.

Our Client Partners

Brunner - 84 Lumber
Brunner - Field & Stream
Brunner - YellaWood
Brunner - Larosa's
Brunner - Mitsubishi Electric
Brunner - Huffy
Brunner - Dick's Sporting Goods
Brunner - Compact Power
Brunner - Musselman's
Brunner - Owens Corning
Brunner - M&M's
Brunner - Yellawood
Brunner - Lucky Leaf
Brunner - Westinghouse
Brunner - Eaton
Brunner - Mylan
Brunner - SEI
Brunner - Shaw